AYU candles are individually hand-poured which means there can be slight variations between each candle. Their imperfections are what make them perfect.

Rose & Oudh pays homage to the intoxicating scent of the wild rose wrapped in smoky Oudh. White and Moroccan rose blend with saffron, amber and sandalwood, Oudh, Cedarwood, Amaryis and balsam to soothe and balance the heart. 240g.

Incense is a peaceful offering for clearing and renewal.
With notes of pine, Oudh, and cedarwood are blended with nagamotha, spice and sandalwood, inviting clarity and balance. 240g

Saffron Flower is the transcending glow of an Indian sunset and the soft, earthy breeze that blankets the air. Notes of saffron, thyme and jasmine are anchored in frankincense, amber and cedarwood, to lift the spirits and calm the senses. 240g

Brand Origin: Ingredients Sourced Globally and Hand Blended Locally in Australia.

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