Peosym is a coined term, serving as an acronym for 'Personal Expression Of Stories, Yearnings & Memories' - a definition of art.
Like any other art form, it is about presenting a perspective and seeking interpretations. Products are the medium chosen. 

Pronounced as - pe·​o·​sim
PEOSYM is an acronym for Personal Expression Of Stories, Yearning, and Memories. 

Our concepts are woven around layers of life, foolish sentiments and tendency to wonder. Some already taking shape and some waiting for their time to come.
How you choose to embrace them will define what they become - an extension of yourself, a cloud of your mood, colours of your attire or an identity statement.

With a sustainable approach at heart, our *clean & cruelty free products are manufactured and packed in Australia.
*Our fragrances are created following IFRA standards. All potential allergens are listed with the ingredients, including those used in less than 0.001%. If you still have a question or concern, please send a query, and we will try our best to provide a satisfactory answer.